HEAT for walking

Pre-intervention walking data

Q7: How many people benefit?

The tool now requires information on the number of individuals doing the amount of walking you entered in the previous questions.

In most cases, this will also be the number of people who stand to benefit from the reported levels of walking. If the trips data you have entered is based on a representative sample of a larger population, you may need to change this number. In this case, you need to enter the total population number, rather than the number in your sample (e.g. in case of a national travel survey that is representative for the whole population, use the total number of population here, not the sample size of the travel survey). If you use survey data that has already been extrapolated to the whole population, the previously entered value is already the number of the total population and no change is required here.

It is important to ensure the right population figure is entered here, as this can substantially affect the resulting calculations.

Important note: Please bear in mind that HEAT works for averages across the population under study and not individual persons. The larger the study population is the more accurate the results will be.

Number of walkers:


* Please enter full number without delimiters such as commas or full stops